Transparent joined the Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative

//Transparent joined the Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative

Transparent joined the Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative

Transparent, the global Accounts Payable (AP) data mining company, joined the Partnering for cyber resilience initiative to help create and maintain a resilient hyper connected digital environment. More than 50 CEOs have already signed the Cyber Principles.

Connectivity of people is increasing and the World Economic Forum developed a multi stakeholder approach to detect risks caused by this issue. More than 70 organizations worldwide have joined the Partnering for cyber resilience initiative. To demonstrate their commitment all leaders have signed the 4 principles associated with the protection of connectivity. Transparent also signed these principles because the data mining company is convinced that the protection of the hyper connected environment is an important focal point.
As a data mining company Transparent has a vast database of accounts payable data. The company became partner to help create more awareness regarding the identification and prevention of cyber threats and to protect their clients data. Transparent already uses an RSA – secured environment when accessing AP data.

Willem-Jeroen Stevens (CEO and founder of Transparent): “We deal with digital data every day, so risk management is an important aspect of our core business. When I read about this initiative for the first time I immediately got excited. Cyber threats affect all levels of society that is why I wanted to contribute. I want to encourage all our relations to support this initiative because in the end we all benefit. At Transparent we believe that knowledge is power and it starts with sharing but never unwillingly. Terabytes of data are stored in our datacenters, therefore data integrity and data security are critical in our digital environment.”

About Transparent
Transparent, the global AP data mining company. Founded in 2000, offices in key European capitals, USA, UAE, South Africa, Malaysia and India. Transparent is the leader in accounts-payable data mining for: Recovery Auditing, Advise, Insight and Benchmarking.

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