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Transparent welcomes Ernst de Kuiper as Chief Financial Officer

Ernst de Kuiper Effective August first Ernst de Kuiper will fill the position of CFO for Transparent. Transparent, the Data Mining Company, appointed Ernst de Kuiper as its new Group CFO. Starting August De Kuiper is responsible for all Finance related issues of the globally operating Transparent Group. De Kuiper was previously employed [...]

Transparent opens South African office

<strong>Transparent recently opened a new office in growth market South Africa, an upcoming location for BPO&amp;Os. Carolina van der Ark, Transparent's Business Development Manager for UK &amp; Ireland, will take on the responsibility for this new region.</strong> South Africa has gained global recognition as a growth market for businesses. Consequently, the nation has caught the [...]

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Transparent joins forces to expand reach in Mexico

<strong>Transparent has expanded its global reach by signing a partnership agreement with Henk Keizer, President of HWK International and the Dutch Business Club situated in Mexico, to assist local organizations in their quest for AP insight.</strong> &nbsp; Henk Keizer has lived in Mexico for over 30 years and has a proven track record as a [...]

Wees alert en voorkom betaling van spookfacturen

Het aantal verstuurde spookfacturen blijft stijgen en kost jaarlijks miljoenen euro’s. Spookfacturen zijn een internationaal probleem dat zich als een olievlek verspreidt. Vanuit bedrijven moet er dus meer focus komen op het voorkomen van het betalen van spookfacturen. Clandestiene organisaties sturen regelmatig facturen met betrekking tot een aanbieding, aanvraag of registratie van een product. Deze [...]

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Weisman and Associates, Inc. and Transparent Assist Federal Agencies to be more successful

Weisman and Associates, Inc. a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and Transparent, the global leader in AP data mining joined forces earlier this year. The combined power of Weisman and Associates and Transparent will help US Government Agencies and States to manage their budgets more efficient through Recovery Audits, benchmarking, education and reporting. Weisman and [...]

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Transparent expands its presence in Asia

Transparent has signed a partnership agreement with Stravcorp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and continues to expand its global presence, to assist the medium to large companies and institutions with their quest for AP Data Insight. Stravcorp, based in Malaysia, has a track record of economic development with the Malaysian Government and led the pioneering establishments [...]

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