On March 23rd, 2013 Otumm Watches will launch their new chronograph watch collection "Speed Delta" at the opening of the 2013 summer season of Coco Beach Ibiza.

Our perception of time has been one of acceleration and society has become a constant rushing. We seem always in a hurry to get to the next activity, the next place. Many are obsessed with how fast we can accomplish whatever stands between us and the next finish line. The Otumm collection "Speed Delta" stands for change, a new velocity of time in our modern society; with the Speed Delta, Otumm wants to accentuate that Time is relative and that we can change our perception of time. With an Otumm Speed Delta you are always on time so you can appreciate all that is important in your life.

The Otumm Speed Delta collection has 5 different 53mm watch models: Three Speed Delta Rose Gold versions (Black, Blue and Brown) and two Speed Delta Steel versions (Black and Blue).

Otumm Watches is a Swiss brand that firmly stands for "Lifestyle at a high level". Otumm is the engagement of the sensation for freedom, speed and luxury with today’s technology with the taste for the classical, the modesty and the nobility of the traditional timepiece. The Otumm Speed Delta is the second model that Otumm has introduced to the market. In 2012 our first watches have become reality in cooperation with Swiss and Dutch designers. Just as the first Otumm collection "Speed", the "Speed Delta" is the combination of classical and modern details, while being true to our beliefs that a timepiece needs to be remarkable in it’s class, contemporary and dynamic

Coco Beach is more than just a restaurant. Their unique situation at the peaceful, sandy end of Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza, creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, that even inspired some people to romanticise of a "paradise beach".

Otumm is a young and dynamic brand of timepieces inspired by the marine chronometer which was used in the past to navigate and safely guide ships back to their home port.

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Website: www.otumm.com